VEJA getaway with Kamonnart Ongwandee

VEJA getaway with Kamonnart Ongwandee

VEJA is a French footwear and accessories brand which renowned for its strong convictions on fair trade and environmentally friendly products since 2004. The founders, Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion, agreed to focus on sneakers: a universal fashion product of which conventional methods of production have significant social and environmental impacts. The brand works hand in hand with environmental organizations, cooperatives of small producers and social associations in Brazil, France, Peru by maintaining fair trade and providing necessary technology. Their sneakers are made differently with environmentally friendly materials like ecologically grown organic cotton and natural rubber from rubber trees in the Amazon forest. Apart from protecting the environment, Veja’s products help hundreds of families to sustain while farming organic cotton for VEJA, earning a better income without threatening our beloved earth. The brand’s DNA is minimalist with a fun twist, ready to accompany you in your everyday life. It's time to enjoy stylish designs while also contributing to an healthier planet.

Kamonnart Ongwandee

Kamonnart Ongwandee is a fashion designer and the country coordinator for Fashion Revolution of Thailand, the community where all the KOLs, influencers, students and anyone actively fighting the over-consumption from the fashion goods while running campaign about consciousness in consuming fashion in more responsible ways. Kamonnart and VEJA are connected and engaged on the same path to "Sustainability". Explore now with Kamonnart the best getaway options to heal your mind and your soul while wearing a comfy cool pair of VEJA sneakers.

Visiting a campsite near bkk in my @veja V-12 in Cyprus together with super soft @aday green algiknit tee + white shorts from @fashrev_th clothes swap.

Various innovative materials have gone into the making of this V-12 : from organic cotton to Amazionian rubber and recycled plastic bottles. They also use #traceable leather that does not come from deforestation. This is my 2nd Veja shoes already and love them.

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Wearing my Veja Esplar leather white to Nowhere Special exhibition by Tae Parvit at BKK CITY CITY gallery gives a cleaner and more subtle and minimalistic style of Veja, with the almost invisible V-sewn logo on the side.

What I love about this ‘Esplar’ is that the name is actually from the NGO who supports organic and family farming in Nordeste region in Brazil Veja had been working with since 2005. The more impressive thing is that the shoes are made out of leather, 100% organic cotton for laces and PET for linings. The soles’ materials are bio-sourced and recycled from agri waste such as sugar cane and rice whilst looking surprisingly brand-new - a thoughtful innovation that are great for both our style and our planet.