Boost your everyday well-being

During this challenging period of time, nothing should matter more than your wellbeing, alone or with the family. Both mentally and physically, your daily activities organization should be focused on boosting your positive energy level! Let's explore well being essentials curated by Another Story team for you, and enjoy few tips you can easily incorporate into your own routine plan at home.  

Wake up early in the morning

To get some fresh air. Since we don't need to go outside facing the heavy traffic in the morning. Why don't we reschedule our routine by starting our day earlier! Morning oxygen is much better and it can heal and clear your mind before starting any work. Shop "Flip+ Reversable LCD Alarm Clock" from LEXON, so you won't miss the morning vibes.

Get dress with a comfy t-shirt

Nice texture and comfortable feelings from clothing are the main factors that you may forget that it will help to boost up your mood everyday. Imagine if you wear some itchy clothings, you will definitely feel uncomfortable all day and will not be able to concentrate on anything. If you're looking for a great quality and comfortable t-shirt that you can wear it everyday, t-shirts from American Vintage will be an answer for you. You can now shop American Vintage t-shirt at Another Story Bangkok flagship store, 4th Floor, The EmQuatier.

Photo from @americanvitage_officiel instagram's account

Good book for a good time

At Another Story, we curated a variety of design books from Gestalten and Taschen for all book lovers because we know that good book will inspire you and give you a good time throughout the day.

Light up the candle

Scented candles have a powerful energy that will sooth any of your tensions away or calm you down at the same time. That's why just lighting up the candles at home will be also the good idea when you want to make your day better than ever.

Photo from @gadhouse instagram's account

Turn the music up

Sometimes, all you need is just a cup of tea or coffee with your favourite playlists. Your day will become more interesting when you can find the right tunes. The turntable form Gadhouse will bring you to a journey of vinyl playlists and the charm of old style record players will change the way you listen music to be in a whole different world. Gadhouse is now available at Another Story Bangkok flagship store, 4th floor, The EmQuatier.