A Gallery-Worthy Home

A Gallery-Worthy Home

If museums and galleries are your top listed spots to-go when traveling abroad, why not making your house feel like one of those delightful places. Another Story concept store has curated a wide range of exclusive design collections from all designers around the world to help you enjoy decorating your house with unique and affordable homeware items. From the flower paper vases from Octaevo and &Klevering collections of quirky vases to the exceptional candles with the unique scents from BAOBAB collection, you can shop everything and opt for these home decor items to lift up your interior or as the perfect gifts for you and your friends, all available now at Another Story Bangkok.

Paper Vases

Starting with paper vases from Octaevo, a brand from Barcelona that Marcel Baer, the founder and creative director, creates the refined homeware inspired by Mediterranean vibes where you can find the perfect vase cover for your ordinary vase you have at home. This handcrafted flower vase from Octaevo is also made from special water resistant paper, so it's durable and easy to clean. The eye catching design on each vases will elaborate your home decorations and become one of your art pieces where you can play with some flower design ideas during your work from home period.

Ceramic Vases

&Klevering and Serax ceramic vases in this current collection at Another Story will bring you back to the Californian home gallery style that reminds you of all cactus, desert, orange clays with a warm tone color palette. As the design and colors are already vivid, you can simply just put the dry flowers and it's all done!  


Once your home looks super nice with all the vases and home decorations already. Don't forget about the good smells. Have you ever dreamt of your house smelling like the fresh rain forest or the wild nature while you're spending quality time at home with your beloved family? BAOBAB is one of the world best candles from Belgium that are well-known from the aesthetics and the scents that will take you to faraway places. Like this "PALM SPRINGS" scent from Palm Collections, the fragrances of mint, lemon tree leaves and tonka beans will give you a journey of scent to the Californian desert without going anywhere.



Bergamot - Green tea - Atlas Cedar

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The Amazonia scented candle is a hand-blown opaline glass in which turquoise, blue and brown glass confetti is inserted. Each glass is unique, as the color is embedded into the glass in a random fashion. The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest in the world and extends over 7.3 million km2, more than half of which is located in Brazil. Its biodiversity is unique in the world and it is home to tribes with ancestral and fascinating rituals.


Recalling the vibrant colors of the forest that it represents, its fragrance of bergamot, green tea and Atlas cedar, will take you into a vegetal freshness full of mystery.