Discover the Magical Gifts for your Loved Ones

Welcome to the most popular gifting season of the year! Christmas gifting can be exhausting if you're in a big family. Let's plan early this year to pick the most exciting, unique, and coolest gifts for the ones you love. Whether it be for your family, friends or your kids, Another Story has a variety of styles and ranges of gifts for everyone.

Quirky Home Decors

This year, people tend to stay at home a lot more due to the pandemic. The more time everyone spends at home, the more they want to uplift their house. Home decors are the ultimate gift if you are looking for something to please those who enjoy decorating their house. &KLEVERING home decor comes in fun and unique shapes that will never duplicate with others. Pair them with paper flowers from STUDIO ROOF that don't require any care, and also the knot and curvy candles from CHAND that are exclusively available at Another Story flagship store 4th Fl, The Emquatier.

Everyday Protection

Thailand is well known for a country with beautiful beaches and warm temperature, so the sunlight is something that we can never avoid. Gift your loved ones with these colorful sunglasses from IZIPIZI to protect their eyes when they travel. IZIPIZI sunglasses are a great idea if you're looking for something practical, with different styles and sizes available, you can buy it for each and everyone in your family or individually for someone you love.

Cuteness Overload

Kids are surely the ones who are most excited about Christmas gifts! Therefore, we cannot make them disappionted and JELLYCAT never disappoint us either! Just by looking at the Chistmas collection, we can tell how much all the kids will love these soft, fluffy and good-quality dolls as their Christmas gifts. Don't miss the chance to win over a kid's heart with these cuteness, since the Christmas collection will be available during this festive season only!