A Christmas Dinner Guide to the Perfect Feast

Christmas Dinner is the most important part on your Christmas day. Good food, good vibes and nice decoration will last forever in your memory. If you want to make sure that you have covered everything you are looking for on your Christmas dining table, Another Story is the perfect shopping destination! From Christmas decorations to fun and joyful tableware, you will never be disappointed!

The Vibes & Decorations

Start off with something glam while still keeping the minimal vibes by pairing a pink taupe velvet table cloth with a deep green background. And of course, Christmas ornaments that you cannot miss! Add some ornaments from GOODWILL to create the Christmas effects on your dining time. The champagne touch from these ornaments will match well with the table clothing. If you don't have any Christmas tree at your house, this Christmas tree cake from The Rolling Pin will blow your mind away with its nice taste, texture, and definitely how pretty it looks on your table! Now you are more than ready for your perfect Christmas feast.

The Tableware

Fun, fresh and joyful tableware from SERAX x OTTOLENGHI collection will refresh your dining table to give you more excitement. With unique brush strokes and stamping techniques from Yotam Ottolenghi, a restaurateur and chef-patron of six London-based delis and restaurants, and the owner of “The Ottolenghi Effect” - the creation of a meal which is full of colour, flavour, bounty and sunshine’. Check out the full collection of SERAX here.