A Wild Christmas

This year we go wild! Always being different from the others, Another_Story curates new, exciting things for your Christmas by mixing the classical vibes of traditional Christmas and something a little bit extra like wildlife animal patterns for your one and only Christmas time this year. Get excited with all the wild animal decoration ideas in leopard prints, black fur, wildlife patterns or anything you could imagine of, on all the ranges of gift selections, Christmas ornaments, as well as fashion & accessories.

Let's Go Wild at Another_Story

The special holiday collections from brands around the world are ready for you to discover now at Another_Story. From Christmas ornaments to all the magical gift selections like a plush mouse holding a present from JELLYCAT (above image) or the dazzling golden ornaments from GOODWILL (right image) will all attract your attentions, to make sure that Another_Story will be your top Christmas shopping destination!

Another_Story is your Christmas Destination.

The Table of Mystery

Every year, this dining table will be decorated according to the theme of the store. As for 'The Wild Christmas' dinner, we select tablewares from ANOTHER STORY X PREMPACHA to place on the wooden table along with a bottle of wine from WINE CLOUD, a special menu form THE BANANA WARRIOR, bread and tea selections from AMANTEE and MONSOON TEA, along with other decorations you can find here at Another_Story. One-stop for everything you need to create the perfect combination of table setting for your Christmas dinner!