All you need to start your green journey

Ready to embrace a sustainable lifestyle?

At ANOTHER_STORY, we believe in a beautiful future, living together on a healthy, wealthy planet, for both Humans and animals growing in harmony with nature. Discover our best picks, tips and addresses in Bangkok to start your green journey now.

4 new habits to adopt easily

1. Forget single-use objects, invest in reusable essentials

For the past few years, countless campaigns are run to convince Humans to use less plastic and avoid single-use objects such as cutlery, straws, bags from the supermarkets and more items that can be so easily replaced by durable bamboo cutlery, collapsible reusable straws, cotton filshnet bags and reusable food bags to mention just a few options. And it worses it! Did you know that both sea wildlife creatures found dead on the seashores and the wild fishes reaching our plates in restaurants are equally victims of plastic ingestion? And guess where it ends up at the end! In Human bodies... taking the form of micro particles.

So here we are, listing for you our top 3 essentials to buy to operate few changes in your daily routine while keeping it cool and easy going: 1. Invest in a cute and cool lunch box, as well as cutlery on the go, 2. Get yourself equipped in style for your favorite bubble tea time with a tumbler and its stainless straw. 3. Carry an ultra light foldable grocery bag everywhere and anytime.  

Pssst... you can find our full selection of eco-friendly items HERE and all our favorite picks to take on the go THERE.

"We need to learn how to refuse what we don't need"

2. Repair, Resell and Recycle!

It's a secret for no one, fashion has a huge environmental impact. From overproduction and global ephemeral trends to the use of synthetics and chemicals in the dying process of fabrics, the industry is suffering from a bad reputation and yet, there are so many actions we can take to make it better on a daily basis without feeling guilty!

Start with a personal challenge: Buy one, get rid of one! When shopping a new piece for your wardrobe, pick one you don't wear anymore and make sure to give it or sell it to someone ready to cherish it again (from web platforms to vintage shops, swap events, flea markets and organizations, there are so many options available to make it happen). Then, invest in long lasting pieces, timelessly fashionable, easy to mix and match with your favorite accessories all year long. Last but not least, try to opt for eco-conscious labels working hard on serving stylish collections while limiting their impact on environment. (VEJA is a great example, we're so fond of their iconic V-12 sneakers!)

"Buying the quality clothing that last long, Taking care of your clothing or exchanging clothing at vintage shop are another options for you if you love to have a variety of clothing while concerning about impacts on environment from fast fashion."

3. Support local artisans and farmers

Think about it, why should we buy more expensive items, pay import taxes and contribute to massively polluting the environment while we can get it all locally, at reasonable price, crafted or grown with love and naturally?  

At ANOTHER_STORY, this no brainer reflexion brings us to source every season the best Thai artisans collections, products and concepts four our beloved clients. And since we are always happy to discover new ones, don't hesitate to write us anytime with our supported crushes from Thailand!

Meanwhile, there are few options you can go for and be happy with grocery wise: Switch from supermarkets to fresh local fruits & veggies markets, re-discover and respect the natural seasonality, order directly from farmers and get delivered at your door, support local organic restaurants and cafes for your craving times.


4. Cultivate your own garden and grow a community

From few plants on your desk and balcony to a real private or shared garden within your community, creating your own green space is a must.

Not only does it looks nice and bring you serenity but also it effectively helps to create more oxygen and to reduce our carbon footprint while also growing your own fresh veggies, fruits and aromatic herbs for your personal use.

Furthermore, how cool is it to cultivate a small garden on a sunday afternoon with your friends and family? The perfect activity to gather the beloved ones around sharing and caring time.

The green addresses to discover in Bangkok

Refill station provides you organic and reusable products for you to live sustainably. Don't forget to bring your own containers and fill it out with shampoo, body wash, hand wash, hand cream, food and dry ingredients like salt, pepper, pasta and more.

Organic Supply is a natural market place & juice bar that provides you with organic local products cherished by the owner. From fresh dishes and juices to desserts and dry essentials like rice, sugar,organic brown rice, pasta, all are available there.

Earth Mart is on a mission: Helping the community to get more familiar with the low-waste life. With its great location at the middle of Thonglor exciting area, the sustainable store is serving the coolest selection of eco-friendly labels. Explore a variety of sustainable products from garments, underwear, baby clothes to skincare, shampoo and household products.

Normal Shop plays an active role in zero-waste community efforts, providing all the refillable products, organic grocery, green living, garden supply and refreshments.

Dear Swappers, If you are a clothing lover, concerned about fast fashion problems, this is the place for you! Swap 'til you drop is a community inviting everyone to swap/exchange/trade fashion personal belongings together. A great opportunity to donate clothes you don't wear anymore and to find second hand gems.

Nai Rak Tham is an organic farm providing you with at your door service. Order fresh organic products like fruits and vegetable from the farm and get delivered directly at home. You can also discover their great selection of fresh products

Trash Hero is a non-profit organization and community fighting the global trash problem in Thailand. Join the group of volunteers and gather to help free public areas or tourist attractions from the undesired trash.

Fashion Revolution is the non-profit organization working hard to educate people on how fast fashion is affecting the environment and obstructing transparency in fashion industry. Join their events and virtual gatherings to learn more about sustainability in fashion industry.