Kad Kokoa and their signature hot chocolate recipe

Kad Kokoa, Thai Craft Chocolate

  • Kad Kokoa journey started with Khun Ta Nuttaya & Khun Ton Paniti Junhasavasdikul, law consultants by then, working hard to retire at young age and live in the countryside. Passionate travelers, they drove through almost all provinces in Thailand before finding their hidden gem: Chiangmai. While waiting from their dreamt retirement plan to come true, they decided to invest in the development of their newly acquired land, following the advices of locals to cocoa trees as it was supposingly blending wellwith the other plants. Little did they knew that this decision would be the first page of a beautiful journey and life chapter!

Khun Ta Nuttaya & Khun Ton Paniti Junhasavasdikul, Founders of Kad Kokoa

Kad + Kokoa (กาดโกโก้)

  • “KAD” comes from the northern Thai language and means “market” , Kad + Kokoa literally means "cocoa market", a place gathering all chocolate products from all provinces in Thailand, not only the chocolate bars itselves but also all range of products made from chocolate such as cacao husk syrup using the shell of cacao beans or chocolate spread for a delicious toasted bread in the morning too.

Why it has to be Thai Chocolate?

  • Khun Ta & Khun Ton, both saw a great potential to plant the cocoa trees in Thailand since Thailand is located at 15 degrees above the equator and cocoa trees usually grow extremely well in regions nearby the equator line. Kad Kokoa founders didn't want to miss the chance and hoped Thai chocolate to become a reference for Thai nationals and foreigners all over Asian region.

Identity & Taste of 4 origins

  • Growing cultivating CHUMPHON species planted in different provinces of Thailand, with a different identity and taste to discover!

Recommended menu at Kad Kokoa cafe

  • Another_Story highly recommends to all its fans to visit Kad Kokoa cafe, to enjoy a wide range of chocolate drinks and desserts at café. We're especially fond of the signature hot chocolate and are so thrilled to unveil its recipe here, prepared by Khun Leo. In addition to the Hot Chocolate, why not trying some Bonbons and chocolate truffles made from Thai chocolate with love and attention to taste! Bonbons for instance have their own gimmick, filled with rum infused paste & canberries, and salted caramel inside elevating your chocolate experience.

Desserts at Kad Kokoa cafe

Special collaboration (Kad Kokoa x Another Story)

  • Kad Kokoa and Another Story share a long friendship and common admiration since the opening of the store at EMQuartier in 2015. Together, the pair developed exclusive chocolate recipes sold only at ANOTHER_STORY, in all branches including the flagship, ANOTHER MAN STORY, MINI STORY, and now available at GOURMET MARKET in EMPORIUM, EMQUARTIER and SIAM PARAGON branches. A beautiful addition to our bangkokian exclusive collection and a great gift for all the beloved ones surrounding you.
  • For this exclusive collection, Kad Kokoa created unique flavors and origins, with Thai milk tea and mango flavors addressed to international customers and Hot pepper and Salted Tamarind most surprising and uplifting flavors, Salted Tamarind being awarded with "international chocolate award" rewarding Kad Kokoa great efforts to innovate and excelle in serving exquisite Thai chocolate.  

Meet the owner of Kad Kokoa

How to make Kad Kokoa's signature hot chocolate


  1. CHUMPHON Chocolate bar 55 g.
  2. Milk (can be either cow milk or vegan milk) 100 ml.
  3. Cacao husk syrup (optional)
  4. Cacao nibs, Marshmallow, and Shaved chocolate for decorating the chocolate


  1. Prepare a bain marie (put a bit of water in a boiling pot and make it simmer)
  2. Put the chopped chocolate into a container above the hot water
  3. Keep stirring the chocolate until it melts (the temperature of the chocolate will be around 50 degrees celsius)
  4. Steam the milk or put it in the microwave and make sure that the temperature doesn’t go over 64 degrees celsius
  5. It’s time to mix them together! Pour the melted chocolate into the milk and stir it consistently until it blends well
  6. Pour it into your favourite cup and decorate it with cacao nibs, marshmallow or shaved chocolate the way you want
  7. Finally!, it’s ready to be served, enjoy!

More tips in the video