5 beauty & skincare influencers to discover now!

Set your perfect routine with these it-beauty influencers.

Summer time is the best time to test and set your perfect beauty routine before going back to the office, the university or any duty around the corner! Discover ANOTHER_STORY selection of influencers instagram accounts to follow now for honest product reviews, beauty tricks and tips, and skincare favorites matching your own skin.


Our all-time favorite Thai skincare-guru! Khun Chompoo (@mjcpjj) is the it-girl behind"@morethansurface". We love the effort she puts in every photo taken and every product review done. Her instagram account is mixing great aesthetics, lifestyle inspirations and honest reviews from beauty products she has been testing and/or adopting in her routine.


Yana Sheptovetskaya (@yanash) is the sale director of the fashion brand "A.w.a.k.e." and the owner of @gelcream instagram account. We love her product reviews! From the cream to carry in your bag all day long to the must have skincare and beauty products to bring on the go while traveling, Yana reviews both cheap drugstore products and counter brand products like Aesop or Bobbi-brown with the same sharp user eye. Follow the hashtag #gelcreamtravel to discover all products she's been using all the way and get inspired by her effortless sleek style.


Sean Garrette (@seangarrette) is an New York based aesthetician and a great skincare blogger addressing black skins with beauty-savvy product reviews. His background and professional life as an esthetician brings him to serve some serious reviews applause by his loyal fans community. With such a flawless skin and all the positive comments below each of his posts, you won't miss the chance to follow him and try some of his pieces of advice!


Alice Wu (@beawuty) is the intern behind Krave beauty social media posts. Krave is a growing skincare brand working hard to develop truly good for your skin skincare products (and not just hype ones to throw few weeks later). Alice shares both some of her favorite Krave products and her regular skincare journal with her crushes from all other brands she got familiar with.


Yara Alnamlah (@yaralnamlah) is a famous Saudi beauty blogger, now studying architecture at Prince Sultan University. Creating and serving make-up tutorials since being 16 years old, Yara gained a huge fans community following her reviews, advices and lifestyle crushes every day. Discover her account now and scroll down to find your new beauty inspirations.