Have you ever heard about WOUF?

WOUF is a Spanish label of lifestyle accessories that you will fall in love with their exclusively designed pattern. The company was founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs, Alice Penaud and Pablo Martinez, both with backgrounds in the fashion industry. Their design process and production are entirely made in Barcelona, Spain where they create products that are long-lasting with respect towards the environment.

Let's find out what's inside your WOUF bag?

WOUF produces functional and environmentally responsible accessories by using recycled materials as the main resources for their accessories as well as the packaging. At the same time, these accessories are well-designed and stylish with all the prints created from a positive attitude of the designers. With all that, don't you wonder how functional these accessories are? Discover now what fits in this White Hearts Big Beauty bag, from HAAN hand sanitizer, COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE hand cream, HAPPY PLUGS earphones, IZIPIZI sunglasses, LEXON mini speaker and KAWECO fountain pen! Grab your WOUF bag and other items to fill it at Another Story Bangkok now!