Did you know?

All The Sleeveless Garden pieces are manufactured locally in Bangkok with fine, high-quality materials. The brand's exclusive collections are made with premium vegetable-tanned leather. All Sleeveless Garden goods are Sturdy, Well-structured, and Personal. Invest on timeless leather goods and cherish it for the years to come.

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Ever heard about Vegetable tanned leather?

 Vegetable-tanned leather is a genuine leather that shows its unique wear over time, depending on daily usage. It is absolutely natural, in other words, there is no artificial surface finished. In the coloring process, there is no pigment used to conceal natural defects in the leather, which is why some scratches, scars, and imperfections may be visible. This is normal and adds a unique character and is not to be seen as a defect.

The surface will transform over time. It will not remain pristine and polished. Abrasions will occur. In consequence of exposure to the sun, some natural colorways such as TAN color will gently darken over time.

Rain isn't leather's best friend!

Any exposure to liquid will create spots so better the rain. Note that the surface coatings are created by a daily use of the bag and will fade other gradually change over time.

the sleeveless garden racket bag

How to take care of your beloved leather goods then? 

First, differentiate Vegetable-tanned leather and hand dyed leather . Vegetable-tanned leather is a genuine leather that shows its unique wear over time, depending on daily usage.

STEP 1: Wipe down with a clean damp cloth

wiping sleeveless garden

STEP 2: Apply a layer of leather conditioner (mink oil is always a safe choice) and top up with some waterproof spray 

mink oil and waterproof spray

STEP 3: Always keep your bag into a dust cover (forget about plastic bags!), and store in a dark cool space out of direct sunlight exposure.

cover and place in the dark cool place sleeveless garden

STEP 4: Avoid the rain at any cost, but when you can't avoid the sudden storm, let your leather goods dry naturally or clean it gently with a light moistened sponge, then let it dry in a cool dry place.

rains drop sleeveless garden bag

What about hand dyed leather goods?

Hand dyed leather goods are crafted in a traditional way consisting in shaping the leather on wood mold. Each piece is then hand-colored with care and attention to details. 

hand dyeing leather the sleeveless garden

STEP 1: When caught in the rain, quickly wipe off with a damp cloth

hand dyeing how to take care

STEP 2: Scratches will naturally happen, try to get over it, trust us! it will look great after living a dozen of life adventures with you.



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