3 moods for a perfect summer home

Discover 3 moods for 1 summer home

Ever heard about the "Desert Boho style"? Mixing bohemian chic vibes, earthy tones ,and natural additions, the Desert Boho Style - also named South Western Desert Decor is one of the hottest decorating trends taking you on a Californian journey without leaving home. Check out our list of tips to transform your patio in the coolest spot to chill, read books ,and sip fresh lemonade.

  • Invest into cactus plants, add a small palm tree or leafy plant, and cut some fresh sunflowers to fill in our favorite vase. (When in Bangkok, order from TINY TREE plants shop directly at Another Story)
  • Keep the colors palette neutral. Imagine yourself exploring the Grand Canyon caves and gathers your favorite pieces in brown, sand, greige, beige, and green tones.
  • Bring the rattan IN! Versatile and so natural-chic, rattan masterpieces are a summer must.
  • Decorate your shelves with a variety of vases and home decor objects in every size and organic shapes. The more, the better for a cozy feeling.  

Velvet Glam style is a classic for all lavish style lovers. Playing on textures and geometric shapes, this generous decorating mood is the perfect invitation to watch the sunrise in the living room, laying on the couch with a glass of wine after a delightful night. Re-discover the power of arc, lines, circles, and bold details mixed together with warm hues and the softness of velvet fabric.

  • Invest in a timeless Velvet glam masterpiece to set the tone and warm up the room.
  • Add some rounded home decor items to complete the look and instantly revive the Art Deco festive atmosphere.
  • Fill the room with bold candles in solid colors or opt for suave scented maxi jar candles.  
  • Display a classy tray with some refined bottles, decorated glasses, and a sleek ice cubes bucket.

Play it Artsy with the Modern Minimalist style and keep it clean, luminous, and contemporary with no compromise. Open space and pure white tone are key to success with this style addressed to architecture aficionados with an appetence for functional rooms and eye-catching details.  

  • It's all about shapes and textures! Create your own mix of organic, curvy, sleek, rectilinear, and sharp objects in clean tones.
  • Like in a museum, make your sitting options rare and center of attention.
  • Strategically place a large standing mirror against the wall to catch and reflect the natural light coming in.
  • Add the final master touch to your room with a Mondrian inspired and captivating Volta mobile.