Grooming for men essentials curated by Another_Story

Grooming for men essentials curated by Another_Story

Not only do women shop for their skincare, cosmetics, and clothing regularly, but men also need grooming essentials to fulfill their needs and lifestyle too. These items curated by Another_Story are the perfect items in terms of design, function and durability which are the qualifications that most men look for. Either the water-proof backpacks from RAINS that are outstanding in both style and durability or the gym handcrafted equipment from FYSIK that will enhance both of your exercise routine as well as function as a home decoration for your beloved house. Explore more items from VEJA, PATTARAPHAN, COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE, EPHEMERE and more items curated for men at Another_Story and Another Man Story.

VEJA: Environmentally Friendly Sneakers

RAINS: Water-proof Backpacks

PATTARAPHAN: Bangkok-based Jewelry Label

COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE: Natural Face & Body Care Products

FYSIK: Handcrafted Gym Equipment

EPHEMERE: Scents of Memories