Ephemere: Eau de Parfum inspired by nostalgic memories in the past

Eau de Parfum inspired by nostalgic memories in the past

Once I saw the name of each Eau de parfum from Ephemere, some moments in the past that I have forgotten about flashed back into my memory. Ephemere wants their products to be an intimate presence that seeks to reunite you with the moments you once hope it could last forever. That's why each of their Eau de Parfum has its uniqueness like "Last Summer Crush" - The scent that will bring you back to the feelings of the sea breeze, first rays of sunshine, and warmth of summer. Or "Cigarettes We Burned for Love" - the scent of love, lust, and bittersweet-ness of passion. You can now explore more scents that matches your style from Ephemere at Another_Story website and Another Man Story 1st floor, The EmQuartier.

EP.01: Cigarettes We Burned for Love

Top note : Tangerine, Lemon, Mango
Middle note : Patchouli, Warm Wood, Sage
Base note : Tonga Bean, Sandalwood

The sweet aching of your heart pounds loudly in your ears, a swell of emotions surge forth like a wave crashing upon you – love consumes, burns and ravages. An emotion so intense, it threatens to crack open your chest from the inside and spill out. Whether it’s newfound love or one burnt to ashes, the memories stay carved into your heart.

‘Cigarettes we burned for love’ captures the aching passion of that kind of love, bursting on the surface with the sweet freshness of fruity citrus like a new paramour, but grounded by the smoky embers of patchouli, sage and sandalwood. The bittersweet-ness of passion is encapsulated in this scent, evoking memories of days spent in love and lust.

EP.02: Nothing and Everything

Top note : Mandarin Orange, Bergamot Leaves
Middle note : Coriander, Anise, Basil
Base note : Cedar, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood

Your rage, your fear, your misery, your ecstasy – they fill your overwhelming heart and mind to the brim, yet nobody else can feel or touch them. What becomes pivotal in your life is nothing to another; every moment and emotion is yours and yours alone. It is a lonely realization to know that your emotions are intangible to others, a drifting breeze that can only merely stir but never touch others.

Isolating as it may seem, there is comfort in knowing that it takes nothing to be someone's everything. In the time between day and night and the space between left and right, we look at each other and realize there is a place – a state of being – that is beyond the binary of existence. ‘Nothing and Everything’ is the cloud above you, the passage of time, a kind whisper on a gloomy day, a warm embrace on a restless night. It is what you never recognized but is all that you will ever desire.

EP.03: Last Summer Crush

Top note : Pink Pepper, Violet Leaves, Cardamom, Mint
Middle note : Sage, Melon, Pineapple, Cinnamon
Base note : Vanilla, Chestnut, Cedar Wood, Amber, Guaiac Wood

As the first rays of sunshine warm my cheeks, I find myself dreaming of that one gentle smile on your face. Within these borrowed minutes, you appear so vivid and real within my memories, the softness of your cheek so within my reach that my fingers tingle with the desire to touch, caress, feel you. I begin to wonder why the wrinkles on your billowy shirt looks so alluring, why the pages of your book seems crisper and creamier on your fingertips. The blinding sunlight, the sticky sea breeze, melted ice cream drip-ping on our hands – oh, how our summer together remain so ingrained into my very soul.

‘Last Summer Crush’ encapsulates the idyllic charm of a summer you can never forget, offering up memories of a warmth that seeps into your skin with its sharp and yet alluring scent. Its sharp, spicy notes from the blend of pink pepper, cardamom and mint is soothed over by the sweetness at its foundation, a charming combination of vanilla, amber and chestnut.

EP.04: Lake House

Top note : Grapefruit, Orange
Middle note : Flint
Base note : Woody, Oak Moss, Benzoin

The city whirs in your ears, its bright lights slowly fading into a serene blue that can-vases the sky like an oil painting from a century long past. Sky-rises give way to fields of green, trees that reach into the sky and the sound of birds singing sweet lullabies in your ears. An earthy aroma crowds your senses, sharpened by dampness of a forest after a rainstorm.

‘Lake House’ exudes the wanderlust of the urban soul – that desire to escape, to find calm amidst the chaos, tranquility amidst the city rush. Fruity aromas fill your lungs as the breath of nature surrounds you, grounded by the notes of wood and oak moss.

EP.05: Time Traveler

Top note : Orange Mandarin, Bergamot
Middle note : Green Tea, Blackcurrant
Base note : Musk, Galbanum, Sandalwood, Petitgrain

We leap and flow across an endless track – the train's window becomes the thin air that separate us from the past and the present. A blur of scenes pass by as we try to grasp onto these memories, hoping to collect each image, touch and scent we shared through trembling fingers. The desire to hold dear what has passed is carved into our very hearts, a melancholy feeling of longing and sentimentality.

‘Time Traveler’ encapsulates the desire to rewind time and hold onto memories we hold dear, enveloping you with nostalgia and cherished memories. Gently close your eyes, feel the air around you and let the aromatic sandalwood, bergamot and green tea bolstered by the fruity notes of orange mandarin transport you back through time.

EP.06: Meet Me at the Dance Floor

Top note : Grapefruit, Ginger, Bergamot
Middle note : Rosemary, Sage, Geranium
Base note : Labdanum, Amber, Ambroxan

The bass pulses in time with my heartbeat. Music meets me in a world where the sky is limitless, stretching into the heavens, and euphoria wraps itself around me like an embrace. Everywhere I turn, my feet move to the rhythm of the beat; everywhere I look, I see nothing but possibilities. The world is my stage and I am the star, unrestrained by the shackles of insecurity and doubt. Here, in this world, I am free.

‘Meet Me at the Dance Floor’ flows over you as a fragrance that bolsters the soul, urging you to move your feet and let go. Its fresh spices and aromatic elements will brighten your day as if the sun is shining directly over you like a spotlight. The hint of rosemary and bergamot renew the body with endless energy, allowing you to present yourself to the world uninhibited.