3 Thai destinations, 5 essentials, 10 things to do

Our 3 favorite beach destinations in Thailand, 5 essentials to carry and 10 things to do on the islands

Covid-19 may be a real though economical challenge for all countries yet, let's seek for positivity, nature never has looked so good in the past decades!

When being based and locked in Thailand, this is the perfect time to re-discover the amazing Land of Smiles, its breathtaking landscapes, its wonderful creatures and its inimitable Sabai Sabai lifestyle ("Take it Easy").

Embark now with Another Story and discover our 3 favorite beach destinations in Thailand with 5 essentials to carry and 10 things to do on the islands.

Southern part of Thailand

5 Essentials to bring to the beach

10 Things to do on the islands

Pha Yam Island

The perfect island to hide yourself and reconnect with nature in a heavenly setting. Pha Yam island is located 35 km away from Ranong province coast, benefitting both from an ideal location on the Andaman sea side and from a long lasting eco-friendly culture on the island. The local community works hard to maintain a low foot print, combining sustainable habits, no car allowed on the island and eco-tourism from the beaches to the island rich jungle.

Ready to explore more?

1. Try Kayaking and explore the mangrove forest!

Book your room at blue sky resort, a stunning natural hotel inspired by the Maldives style resorts, and enjoy its great kayaking activity. While exploring the Mangrove forest, don't forget to take a break and enjoy the sounds of birds and wild animals surrounding you.

Photo from Movearound Journey

2. Isolate from social media and enjoy the sunset at Big bay

Take a real break, drop your phone and enjoy the most memorable sunsets you will witness in Thailand. Big bay (Aow Yai) is the perfect sunset retreat spot: amazing golden skies, most quiet beach, cute local huts to order nice local cocktails. What could you ask more?

3. Rent a motorbike and meet the locals

Yes riding a motorbike isn't the best eco-friendly option, yet here, since you can't cover the whole island by walking and because roads are going up and down all over the island, motorbike remains your best option to unlock the best secrets of Koh Pha Yam. From the hidden restaurants in the lands to the locally brewed coffee spots, rubber plantations, hippie beaches and stunning waterfalls at the middle of the jungle, follow your heart and discover each treasure this island has to offer.

Photo from www.paiduaykan.com

Pha Ngan Island

Pha Ngan island is known for its all day all night the full moon parties and crazy nightlife, yet the island has so much more to offer and COVID-19 brought it to light! Embrace your hippie dreams and explore Pha Ngan wild a heart side.

4. Be an artsy and enjoy live music !

"Art ติดเกาะ" artistic initiative is born from both Pha Ngan local people and foreigners locked in Thailand during the pick of the pandemic. While confirmed artists and amateurs are joining forces to create Art, all participants enjoy a wonderful creative time and serve visitors with Art pieces to buy and collect. A wonderful human experience to witness.

Photo from Aekkalak Vivattananon

Both photos from Aekkalak Vivattananon

5. Get a drink at the most original bar & restaurant in Pha Ngan

Haadson resort is hosting a wonderful leisure gem! Koh Raham is both a restaurant and a beach bar, with a unique style. Arranged to blend in with nature, this place like no others might give you the goosebump! Don't forget to bring your swimsuit, both jumping into the sea from the rocks and sunbathing in the rocks activities will be awaiting for you.

6. Kitesurfing when hungry for thrill sensations!

Kitesurfing in Thailand is a must! While envoying paradisiac sceneries and experiencing unique sensations, you will surely find a tribe in Pha Ngan to ride with.

Fahn Island

Isolated at the Northern part of Samui island, the Fahn island stands alone as a private island welcoming an exclusive 6 stars hotel: Cape Fahn hotel. Now even more famous for hosting the wedding of the year from Khun Janie and Khun Mickey Allapach Na Pombhejara, this micro island became THE spot to book a room on!

7. Opt for absolute "farniente"

What would be more luxurious than having real time to "do nothing"? When booking a room in one of the most coveted hotels, every delightful detail is to be enjoyed! From the room service to the private pool and the tailor made service experience on the beach, sunbathing becomes a one-of-kind activity.

Photo from Cape Fahn Hotel

Photo from Cape Fahn Hotel

8. Taste the Southern Thai food at "Long Dtai" eating room

Southern Thai food is the must-try for everyone when visiting south provinces. The food is known for its spiciness, and mixing local spices, curry paste and fresh seafood.

Photo from Cape Fahn Hotel

Photo from Cape Fahn Hotel

9. Request a picnic on the beach

What a romantic, relaxful and healing experience! Having a picnic on the beach, at sunset, requesting a private set up organized by the hotel including oversize cushions, straw carpets, low table and local delicatessen.

Photo from Cape Fahn Hotel

10. Conclude the journey with a local ritual

You may know the internationally renowned Bangkok based temples, Wat Pra Keaw and Wat Pho yet did you know that almost every province has wonderfully decorated sacred temples? No wonder why Thai wouldn't miss the chance to visit those temples while traveling the country. Join Thai people on their spiritual journey andconclude your trip by visiting "Big Buddha temple" and praying for both good fortune and strong health.

Photo from www.deksumui.com