The Little Book of Drinking Games

790 ฿

Liven up the party with this heady collection of drinking games!

Choose from brain-boggling classics such as Fuzzy Duck and Twenty-One, or dizzying games of pure chance like TV Drinking and Vodka Roulette – whichever you play, you’re guaranteed to be gleeful and giggly by the end!

Most of these games have one thing in common: they combine a full glass of booze with making a complete fool of yourself – all the ingredients for a great night, in fact! These games take different formats – cards, chance, verbal, etc. – but the outcome is always the same: players will find themselves laughing hysterically at each other.

Each game has a list of what you will need to play – needless to say, you will need alcohol of some sort for all of them. So, gather your friends and crack open your favourite poison: it’s time to play some drinking games!

Please drink responsibly. This book is intended for use by adults only.

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