Be Strong

720 ฿

A deck of 52 cards containing inspirational quotes and statements for anyone in need of a little more self-assurance. The box also includes a pocket-sized booklet and a stand for displaying the cards.

Embrace the power of self-belief and channel your inner confidence with this deck of 52 beautiful and uplifting cards. Brimming with motivational quotes and feel-good affirmations, the cards in this little box are here to boost your mood and help you find your hidden strength.

Featuring striking designs to kick-start the positive vibes, these encouraging pick-me-ups are designed to be displayed in the wooden holder which you can place anywhere in your home. Let these prompts fill you with motivation and remind you just how incredibly strong you are.

This is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement.
– Box includes 52 individual cards, a 16-page booklet and a high-quality wooden stand
– Choose to display an inspiring quote or a powerful affirmation
– Beautifully presented and featuring bespoke card designs

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