Luna Bell H10cm Clear/White

1,250 ฿

Luna Bell has been designed and developed to be one of this year's favorite glass decorations. Sirius Luna is designed in mouth-blown glass with 5 small warm LED lights. Sirius Luna, like many other of Sirius Christmas decorations, is inspired by Danish and Northern European history.

You can find bell decorations all the way back to the early 1800s. Luna is inspired by the "chubby" classic Christmas bell, which is especially familiar from the Norwegian Christmas time. In the North we believed in the spirit of Christmas. In ancient times, the Christmas spirit was a form of festive devil whose sole purpose was to thwart Christmas peace. Christmas was the very big holy event of the year, so to be sure that the Christmas tree was driven away from the evil Christmas spirit, bells of copper and tin were hung on the tree and Christmas wreaths. Later on in time, the Christmas spirit was considered to be the symbol of the things that could destroy the Christmas atmosphere, coziness and family peace.

Luna uses 1 x AAA battery in the specially designed battery holder.

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