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SHARP ACQUARIUS,NEW MYSTIC, REBEL, HEALER.FLY YOUR FREAK FLAG HIGH.Who are you going to fall in love with next? What job should you really be in? When are you finally going to come into that big money? Why does everyone freak out when Mercury is in retrograde?In our increasingly turbulent world, many of us are looking to the sky to find guidance in the ancient art of astrology. In Aquarius, Stella Andromeda will tell you all you need to know about your astrological life as the water carrier, teaching you how to harness the ancient power of the zodiac and open your mind to what the universe can bring you in ways you never would have imagined. With advice that covers everything from your self-care practice, to your Saturn return and your sex life, this little book is your key to a very starry future.Contents include: Get to Know Aquarius: Lucky Colour; Aquarius Careers; How Aquarius Communicates / The Aquarius Deep Dive: Self-Care; The Aquarius Home; Food and Cooking; How Aquarius Wants to Be Loved / Give Me More: Your Birth Chart, The Phases of the Moon; Saturn Return

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