SOAP MAKER master set

1,850 ฿

Soap Maker 3 shapes
Preservative-free, Vegan, Cruelty-free
With Soap maker, you can create 3 pretty cute soaps, in shapes of cat, rabbit and crocodile. How does it work? Easy soapy: melt, mold, unmold.

Or how to keep little monsters happily busy and eager to get clean!
Especially designed for kids aged 7 and over.
This DIY soap maker contains:
- 3 soap bars (fragrance cola, grenadine and vanilla)
- cardboard spacers to cut out
- 3 natural latex molds (shapes: rabbit, crocodile and cat)

Soaps for hands and body.
Made with ingredients of natural origin, percentage varies according to fragrances: Cola 89%, Vanilla 88%, Grenadine 87%.
Natural latex molds from rubber trees
Made in France.

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