Apr?s la pluie… Nuage the sheep soft doll

1,050 ฿

Nuage [Cloud] sheep is a sleepy pal for animal lovers with style and flair. Created by designer of Les Parisiennes, Lucile Michieli, Apres la Pluie [after the rain] characters embody sweet and imagined creatures who have come to take shelter in the bedroom after a walk in the forest. Inspired by childhood memories and her affinity for Japanese drawings, Lucille provides children with dream-like playmates. With embroidered faces and pointed noses, these critters evoke the magical world of fairy tales.

Nuage Sheep is dressed in navy overalls with a stripy black and white scarf. Cloud is a cuddly little sheep with super soft ears and a fluffy orange foxy tail.

24 cm
for ages 3 years and up
linen and organic cotton swaddling fabric

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