Dimda 02 - You Are My Lobster Earrings

2,350 ฿

You Are My Lobster Earrings - They say lobsters mate for life; so are these earrings and necklaces. You Are My Lobster earrings perfectly match with our You Are My Lobster necklace. They're meant for each other.

The design of the lobster claw has been carefully crafted to rest under your ears, creating a whimsical illusion of a lobster nipping at them.

Designer's Note: These earrings are delicate pieces of jewelry. Please handle it with care and remove the studs gently. The studs may feel snug during the first few uses, but will become easier to remove with continued wear.

Size : 2.2x 1cm

- Shiny gold finish
- Day to night jewellery
- Handcrafted in Bangkok Studio
- Pouch and cleaning cloth come with every purchase

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