Hand Cream - Carrot Kick - 50 ML

490 ฿

Carrot Kick : Carrot Seeds, Tumeric & Creamy Woods. Freshly picked & earthy smelling carrots paired with a slight touch of sweetness. Tumeric adds a spicy kick to boost your immune system while sandalwood gives a rich and creamy note to finish scent.

A hand cream collection inspired by creamy popsicles packed with all that prebiotic superfood your skin microflora needs to stay healthy from the inside out! Made with 96% natural origin ingredients. We believe in only working with clean, safe, natural ingredients that really work for your skin.

Jojoba Oil
Rich in antioxidants, jojoba quickly absorbs into the skin to nourish and give that smooth cashmere feeling.
Shea Butter
Extracted from shea tree nuts, this natural butter soaks into your skin creating a barrier to seal moisture and combat dryness. Additionally, the rich tree nut oils reduce redness, combat wrinkles and boosts skin’s elasticity.
Ideal for soothing dry complexions, this lightweight ingredient absorbs quickly delivering intense moisture and providing a silky and elegant finish.

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