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Marlin Palm Card Holder

590 ฿

Dive into the tropical vibes with our Marlin Palm Cardholder – a fun and functional addition that’s here to keep your best memories upright or elevate your next dinner party with a touch of palm tree whimsy.

Crafted by skilled artisans in India, this lovable cardholder brings a playful twist to the table, literally. Its unique palmtree shape adds a dash of fun to your space while serving as the perfect companion for displaying cherished memories or guiding guests at your dinner soir?e.

Embrace the handcrafted charm, as each Marlin Palm Cardholder is a unique creation with slight variations in appearance. Far from perfection, yet brimming with individuality – these cardholders are perfect in their uniqueness.

Beyond the playful design, purchasing this handmade gem means you’re supporting local communities in India, making it a ‘Yay!’ for not just style but also social goodness. Sprinkle a bit of tropical joy into your moments with the Marlin Palm Cardholder – where every card finds its perfect perch!

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