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Chelsey Pearly Circus Box White Brass

690 ฿

This Chelsey Pearly Circus Box is perfect for storing small trinkets or adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom, this handmade wonder is a true spectacle.

Handcrafted in India with love and skill, the Chelsey Pearly Circus Box is a unique blend of brass and real shell, creating a mesmerizing harmony of textures. Its irredescent finish really catches any eye! Embrace the charming variations that come with handcrafted artistry – each Chelsey Pearly Circus Box is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Not perfect by traditional standards, but uniquely beautiful in every way. Please note, the use of real shell means you may see delightful differences in color, spots, and fracture lines – consider it a signature touch, not a flaw!

Only 1 piece in stock!

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