Scented Candles - Figurare 8.5OZ

2,590 ฿

Sublime + grounded โ€” Earthy + herbal emerald delight snaps green vibrance.

A modern reconfiguration of traditional opulence โ€” Sumptuous fig leaves that graze subtle spices of black pepper, cardamom and coriander, surrounded by an ether of lavender and resinous fir balsam. Holiday-worthy, this earthy/herbal emerald delight snaps green vibrance โ€” Sublime and grounded.

Reconfigure tradition with FIGURARE.

Coconut and beeswax candle with braided cotton wick in dyed matte green glass tumbler. Matte light green decorative carton with embossed white decorative border. 8.5 ounces (240g). 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall. Roughly 50 hour burn time.

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