Le Trio - Bouchons

3,190 ฿

3 Bottle Stoppers to Honour Each Tasting Experience
In the place of the cork, each bottle stopper crowns the glass bottle. With refined and ergonomic curves, these three jewel stoppers provide an optimal grip using the thumb and index finger. You can thus continue to enjoy an open bottle of wine, while uncorking and recorking it with great ease.
The stoppers are also made out of ideally weighted alloy, reflecting their value and quality. Their food-grade silicone rings adapt to all neck diameters to ensure an airtight seal. The wine is honoured as it should be and preserved to the very last drop.

- Evocative of pinched bottle corks, The Stoppers allow the secure, easy resealing of open bottles of still wine.
- Design patent.
- Not suitable for sparkling wines.
Hand wash only.

Finish: Alloy and silicone.

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