Gard'Vin ON/OFF Power Signature

7,990 ฿

Electric vacuum pump
Gifting is in the air... As a gift, the Gard?Vin On/Off Power ? Signature is much more than a vacuum pump.
It is an approachable, easy-to-use piece of technology, allowing its owner to preserve fine wines for longer after opening and prevent them from turning before their next tasting session.
A high-quality tool favored by many experts and a go-to for sommeliers and wine merchants, it makes for a gift that will delight connoisseurs and wine lovers.
The Gard?Vin On/Off Power ? Signature?s silhouette is inspired by wooden winepresses. In grape-red cast aluminum, the piece is nestled in a silver and matte black case. Its upper disc bears the L?Atelier du Vin hallmark, each letter embossed on thick chrome-plated metal. It comes with three technical valve sealers that record the vacuum date, presented in a black fabric pouch. A woven charging cable is included, as well as a natural leather cord for easy storage.
Reminiscent of old wooden winepresses, the grapevine coloured electric vacuum pump comes in a robust and watertight black and silver matte case made out of cast aluminium. The upper thick chrome-plated metal disc bears the L?Atelier du Vin hallmark in embossed letters. The electric vacuum pump also comes with three technical valve sealers that record the vacuum date, presented in a black cotton handsewn pouch. The tool automatically extracts the air out of the bottle, without requiring any manual pumping. This technical prowess reflects the charm of this wine preservation tool.
The extraction mechanism automatically activates once the sealer and vacuum pump have been placed on top of the neck. A LED light indicates every step of the vacuum process, until all the air has been extracted from the bottle. The vacuum pump then switches off automatically. Oxidation is thus reduced to a minimum, while the wine is safely preserved beneath the hermetically sealed preservation stopper. This ensures that the wine doesn?t turn in the days following the first opening and the tasting session can be resumed. The Gard?Vin On/Off Power Signature also comes with a woven charging cable and a fastener made out of natural leather for easy storage. Professionals and wine lovers alike will appreciate the Gard?Vin On/Off Power Signature. It makes the perfect oenology gift, filling the recipient and their guests with joy.
Give the gift of perfectly preserved wine.

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