Exploreur ?nology (Box of 4 Wine Glasses)

4,190 ฿

Box of 4 wine glasses
The glass that lets the wine express itself. Releasing the aromas of wine! It is the result of research by a group of wine experts, designers and glass craftsmen?
The Aroma line enable the prominent aromatic molecules present in the bouquet of a wine to reach their full expression. These glasses have been enamelled with micro ?beads?. The first of the ?beads? (the one closest to the rim) indicates the correct level to which to fill the glass. It is essential when pouring wine never to fill the glass more than one-third full.

Releasing the aromas of wine!
Fill one third of your Exploreur? Oenology glass with wine.
The first scent : Before swirling the wine in your Exploreur? Oenology glass, inhale to discover the wine?s most volatile aromas. Only about 5% of odorous molecules reach your olfactory cavity.
The second scent : Swirl your wine in your Exploreur? Oenology glass for a few seconds and then breathe in the difference. As the wine moves against the wall of the glass, the intensity of its aromas increases significantly. With the Aroma line, your experience of the aromas of wines will go from the ordinary to the extraordinary!
The prevalent aromas will become more powerful and more ?defined.?
The more subtle and complex aromas will be revealed.

H225 mm
D94 mm
Cont. 45cl ? 15 oz
International patent.
French invention.

The shape and length of the Aroma line may vary slightly from one to the next. Each Exploreur? Oenology glass is unique.
Premium glass blown in Europe. A feat in glass craftsmanship.

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