Chic Set Night

2,400 ฿

Chic Set Night: Opening and preserving has never looked so chic
Proudly presented in a striking decorative box, this duo of essential tools for opening and preserving wine makes a chic gift for any wine lover.
Chic Monsieur? Night, this twister corkscrew is known worldwide for its attractive shape, ease of use and elegance.
Boasting alluring ergonomics and perfect functionality, the Gard?Vin On/Off vacuum pump preserves the soul and essence of your opened wine bottles, earning its place as an essential Wine Tool for over twenty years.
A must-have set for any wine lover, Chic Set Night boasts an elegant shade of black, adding a chic yet unostentatious touch in the kitchen or right at the dining table.
An infallible choice as a gift, Chic Set Night truly lives up to its name.

- 1 Chic Monsieur? Night + 1 Gard?Vin? ON/OFF + 2 ON/OFF Sealers.
- Design patent.

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