Bubbles Celebration - Le Duo

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Bubbles Celebration champagne flutes design
Bubbles Celebration flutes take the champagne experience to all-new horizons. They are meant to be a celebration of shape and color. These flutes serve as an invitation to lightness ? an ode to the joy of being together and celebrating the precious moments in life.

Bubbles Celebration by Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin
Make something that allows the mind and body to merge together in unison? The work of Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin is best presented in their own words.
Artist designers of international renown, Monica and Philip have been working together as a team for forty years. Their favorite material? Glass. Over time, it has grown into one of the most emblematic elements in their work.
Each Bubbles Celebration champagne flute is unique, numbered and hand-blown by an artisan glassmaker. These bold, collector?s stemmed glasses bring out the champagne?s fine bubbles with a touch of poetry, much to the taster?s delight.

- Mouth-blown Collection in accordance with the designers? strict specifications.
- Hand wash only with a suitable, non-abrasive cloth.
- Elegant gift box with sliding drawer, designed to hold a bottle of your chosen champagne along with flutes.

Capacity: 20cl
Height: 20cm
Diameter: 7cm

Each piece is unique and numbered.
Pigmented glass.

Colors: Royal blue, Chardonnay green, Champagne pink.

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