Red Cord Bracelet with Scallop Shell - SAINTE JAKEZ

1,400 ฿

Transform yourself into a real “Breton Venus” with our red cord bracelet, delicately adorned with a scallop shell charm. Proudly wear this jewel, a true incarnation of the spirit of the sea and Breton elegance. This bracelet, both glamorous, pop and shiny, will become your essential style companion in all circumstances.

This bracelet attracts attention and reflects the majesty of the treasures of the Breton sea. Whether you are in the city or by the ocean, this gem evokes the magic of Brittany and its coastal landscapes.

Display your fondest Breton memories with pop sparkle and a touch of glamour, all in a captivating shade of red.

Materials: Red cotton cord
Charms: Scallop shell, shell size: 10mm
Red color

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