What GPO styles are you?

Each GPO Retro record player has its own style to play with: From Modernism to classic vintage, '70s inspired vibes or '90ies pastel aesthetics, it's all about finding your perfect match. Being both functional and stylish, these turntables are a must dragging everyone's attention and uplifting any room in the house. So what styles are you? Which GPO spinner would you bring back home? Scroll down to make your choice!  

Classic Vintage

If you are in love with all the vintage decorations, you may not wanna buy something that miss match the style of your interior or your home. GPO retro "Ambassador" in cream/tan will not disappoint you, the vintage look itself of this vinyl record player will definitely enhance your classical vibes at home without any hesitation.


The sleek, sharpe edge and abstract form from modernism interior design suits well the people who focus on basic function of furniture itself and little ornamentations. GPO "Soho", the portable record player that comes in clean white basic hue and functionality that match well with this modernism style.

'70s inspired

Drawing inspirations from shapes and colorful furniture for creating the '70s inspired look, we would recommend GPO Retro "The Attache" in blue color to bring the playful vibes to your home. Plus, the other matching decorations such as a quirky shape stool from Pols Potten and velvet dining chair from HK Living will be a completion to this interior style.


Pastel colors always freshen you up from the tiring day, decorating your house by using all the pastel color decorations will make your house warmer and cozier than before. GPO retro "Bermuda" in pastel blue comes with the perfect built-in bluetooth speaker and removable legs, is definitely the perfect choice to tune in your music for the entire day as well as the nice appearance of it.