Mother's Day Campaign with PATTARAPHAN

This season, ANOTHER_STORY teams up with the uber-cool jewelry label PATTARAPHAN to celebrate Mother's Day with creativity and love. PATTARAPHAN is a fine jewelry brand based in Bangkok and owned by its eponymous designer, serving sleek and modern collections that we love both for its sense of style and for the quality of the jewelry itself. When looking for a unique piece to treat your beloved ones, PATTARAPHAN should definitely be on your purchase list.

For this campaign, ANOTHER_STORY and PATTARAPHAN propose their fans community to try their luck and enter the competition by answering a single question in a creative way: "Which piece of jewelry from PATTARAPHAN do you want as a gift and why?". Everyone can participate by submitting any form of visual content including photography, stop motion, animation, video, graphic design, illustration, drawing, collage art and more! The winner of this campaign will receive PATTARAPHAN signature "Classic Locket Necklace" as the prize.


Congratulations to @beyourbeaut


My memories of my mom and I started off pretty fuzzy, and a few years after I crawled out of her body. Though her womb had been my home for many months, it's only her, my mom, that remembers every single moment since her "little pea" started growing inside her. From that day til now, her love never stops, not even for a single heartbeat.

The Classic Locket Necklace is beautiful inside out like my strong mother. Comes with it, a beautiful pocket of memories that dangles near the heart, reminding her how thankful I am for her to have given me the gift of life, and how much I love her 🤍

from @lilirubily


First collage art making for #pattaraphanxanotherstory

What’s does this art imply?
“..Mother who have life with love unending. Thanks for letting me see a wonderful world”



from @mrsirichaib


“ I’m endlessly seeking new worlds to explore with her.” Celebrate Mother’s Day



from @amelia_k.ammy


I know I know~ it still early to post about this but still I decided to attend #pattaraphanxanotherstory giveaway activity for Mother’s Day! By @anotherstorybangkok and @_pattaraphan_ 🥳yay. So this is my beautiful mother. I know right~ she prettier than me 😂 and which jewelry from PATTARAPHAN that I want to gift her are mini co pearl hoops because my mom loves jewelry especially pearls(she even wear ones in real picture) she is a work hard(no play) kinda woman and she have to attend a lot of meetings and meet people so looks are important . She been through a lot and I can definitely tell you she is the strongest and the most independent woman I have ever met. It’s tough being a single mother by itself but you also raise me until this day everything you did for me I can’t thank you enough. I know I’m a handful sometimes but we been through tough time together and always have each other backs. When I ask about what is the thing she likes? she always tell me just you being a good kid for me is enough but I have been practicing realistic drawing for some time now and I created this art work because she is my real life role model, I will give this to her on Mother’s Day and If I win and got the necklace as a price I will give it all to her too 👩‍👧💕 แวะมาส่งภาพ คืนก่อนปิดกิจกรรมพอดีเลย😂 ขอบคุณที่จัดกิจกรรมดีๆนะคะ



from @earnitchh


Yeah, it's me and I love Makeup | SFX | Drawing | Craft 💋

Thank you @anotherstorybangkok @_pattaraphan_ #pattaraphanxanotherstory for creating this super fun giveaway activity for Mother's Day, I enjoy doing this collage a lot.

This piece of collage is a combination of my creative works and passion. Makeup..SFX..Drawing..Craft. I know there are many of them, still...missing one of them is not going to completely represent me and my whole childhood journey.🧩
Just like my mom @kamolratchomwarn ✨, without her, I would never have become myself and be able to fully do what I love. The best thing is she never says that my passion is nonsense.🥺 This month's occasion doesn't only have Mother's Day but also my mom's birthday. That's why I want to dedicate this post as an appreciation to thank her for always supporting my choices, reminding me of what I'm capable of, and most importantly..being the BEST mom I could ever ask for.🤰❤️

For the activity, "Ying Bracelet" would be a perfect gift for my mom. It caught my eyes from first sight tbh. The more I look at it, the more I like the design and the strong vibe it conveys, just like her. Raising me must be the toughest thing tho😂. I want to symbolize this gift as the strength and kindness she always has and I believe sapphire has that kind of meaning. My mom also prefers outstanding-yet-wearable jewelry design👍, so I think she would love this bracelet :)

#myparentsarethebest #imheretodaybecauseofyou




from @aimguitarist


#pattaraphanxanotherstory 🤍
I would love to gift the Classic Locket Necklace from @_pattaraphan_ to my mom this Mother’s Day. With its shininess and durability, Mom and I could keep our memories safe and memorable.🤍