Like fashion, cooking, or perfecting a makeup look, table setting can be a tricky art to master. It’s a balancing act of good taste, high quality, and personality. Luckily, Another Story have got the first two things for you. All you have to do is decide which of the fabulous plates from our latest tableware collection best fits your style. The new collection from Another Story in collaboration with Prempacha features gorgeous handmade stoneware produced in Northern Thailand using locally sourced clay, combined with minimalist European design. Each ceramic piece is totally unique with accidental imperfections kept in place, which, if you ask us, gives them so much more character. So, keeping in the spirit of personality, here are 6 original ways to style a beautiful tablescape that matches your character. With our selections of La Rochere glassware to Thai bronze cutlery, you’ll be able to create a table like no other.

1. The Green Goddess

She’s elegant, she’s warm, she serves up some delicious wholesome lunches - if you’re a green goddess who loves nourishing her guests with fresh produce and quality foods, the light and dark green plate collection will make a wonderful backdrop to the rainbow of health-boosting dishes you’ll be serving. 


2. The Romantic

Table for two tonight? Set the mood and the table with swoon-worthy colours like our pastel pink plates and glamorous shiny gold utensils. Dim the lights and light some candles to really set the colours a-glow.


3. The Artist
There’s nothing an artist loves more than to delight and surprise people. Being fearless by nature, they’ll opt for daring colours and unexpected combinations. Whether you’re hosting a gallery dinner or gifting an art lover, the contrasts of soft pinks and bright reds from our collection is sure to do the trick.


4. The Professional

Guess what? Business dinners can be fun too. But ditch the plain white plates - our autumnal dark green collection provides something simple yet also exciting and sophisticated at the same time. With a hint of drama and a unique linen-like feel to the touch, these plates will some them who’s boss.


5. The Family Centric

For those happy Sunday brunches at home or dinners with all the kids, make things bright and cheery with this collection of brick orange plates. They’re an easy way to make any meals instantly more vibrant, while also capturing the joy and warmth of family dining.

6. The Party Host

So you’re the host who holds the wildest and loudest dinner parties. Surprise your guests even more by amping up your table setting with the wildest and loudest of our coloured plates. The combination of shiny red toned by the more matte dark green will add an unexpected twist to your party table setting. It’s going to be a feast for all the senses...

Another Story’s top 3 tips on creating the ideal table setting: 

  1. Unless you’re a colour co-ordinating master, opt for more neutral-toned tablecloths to pair with your colourful tableware to avoid clashing colours. White will always be the most elegant choice!

  2. The great thing about using colourful tableware from our collection is that you don’t really have to put any more effort into decorating. There’s no need to fuss too much over fancy florals or extravagant centrepieces when you’ve already got some fabulously eye-catching plates and cutlery. If you must have flowers, go for the minimalist route with a single flower or modest flower bunch. Alternatively, some greens such as lotus leaves scattered along the centre of your table also make wonderfully original tablescapes.

  3. Lighting is crucial! As a general rule, a little underlit is better than overly bright. Guests feel more comfortable and confident in dimmer rooms. Candles are a perfect way to achieve that dim, low-level warm light that creates an intimate and flattering setting. Just make sure to avoid scented candles, which can distract from the aromas of your delicious food. 

Ready for it?

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