Another Story takes you on an exclusive visit to discover ideal living rooms and decorating ideas by Jeto Panithi Director of 888 Creations, Interior Stylist Bew Lomthong and Spoon C. Designer and Founder of soonstudio.s for new ideas to revamp your living room. Get inspired by their favorite picks from Another Story and grab them now online and in-stores!


Q: What is your ideal living room?
A: Living room is like the center space of the house for everyone in the family. There should be a lot of storage space to keep the house clean and to store each person’s belongings. A space where everyone can share and enjoy together.
Q: What is your favorite decoration piece in the living room?
A: I like big furniture pieces, such as wall units since it enables us to use the wall to display items. Another piece I really like is the Bit stool by Normann Copenhagen. I recently visited Copenhagen and really wanted to buy it, didn’t think it would be available in Thailand at Another Story. The stool is made from recycled materials and can be used as both a chair and a side table. I think it really completes my house. 




Q: What is your ideal living room?
A: Living room is the main room of the house, so an ideal living room should be minimal, cozy, and clean. It should be a space that we can decorate and change according to our mood or the seasons.
Q: What is your style?
A: I wouldn’t call it style. I buy everything according to my liking. For big furniture pieces I would stick to neutral or plain colors, as for loose furniture I would choose colorful and fun ones. This way, I can redecorate my living room by changing just the loose furniture every time I start to get bored, while still maintaining the main neutral colors.  

Q: What is your ideal living room?

A: The living room should be both a comfort zone and an inspiring space where I can relax and let go when I feel tired, but can also recharge my energy since I work from home.   

Q: What is your favorite space in the living room?

A: My favorite space would be my working space since I work from home. I spend most of my time here at the table. 

Q: What is your favorite item in the living room?

A: Right now, it would be candles. Candles help create a great atmosphere for both work and relaxation.


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