The founders

FYSIK started when founders, Henrik and Amm, were contemplating on opening their own boutique personal training studio (HAUS No3, Bangkok). While working on the business plan and researching options on how to differentiate their gym in the crowded fitness market, it was clear that the options for beautiful gym equipment was very slim. Instead of simply leaving it like that; a decision was made to do something about it and they started making their own gym equipment. Amm, with a background from the steel industry and Henrik, with a lifelong passion for craftsmanship, began to source some of the top artisans in Bangkok to help fulfill their vision of locally made gym equipment that merges function with art.

FYSIK: Swedish spelling for ‘physique’ • Pronounced: [fy-zeek] • Meaning: ‘Nature in motion’

Key features

  • Bespoke gym equipment made from classic materials such as wood, genuine leather and stainless steel.
  • Made to order products, tailor made towards individual needs and requests with custom made racks, sizes and material selections. This includes personalization with name, logo or initials which gives an extra touch and meaning.
  • Coming from a strong fitness background along with a sense for good design; FYSIK understands all aspects of their products, not only form, function and aesthetics but also feel and form.
  • With local and in-house production at their workshop in Bangkok; FYSIK controls all manufacturing aspects and quality. This gives unique know-how on developing the best possible bespoke gym equipment to their global audience of home-owners, luxury hotels and their like.

Special playlists for you

Henrik puts his energy to create Spotify playlists along with the 3 types of exercises that match with each FYSIK products. With his origin, most of the songs in these playlists are curated from Swedish artists that he admire. Don't miss a chance to explore these super special playlists that FYSIK made especially for us and keep yourself motivated!

Explore the collection

FYSIK's products have character, scent and a unique tactile element; made from natural materials such as wood and leather with steel to form pieces of functional art that performs both on display and when being used.


Lighter weight dumbbell model with a wooden body, leather handles and a stainless steel face.

Weight Ranges: 1 kg - 10 kg / 2 - 20 lbs


Made with a combination of wood, stainless steel and an exchangeable genuine leather rope. The weight of the handles makes it effective to use as a functional piece of art.

Rope Lengths: 240 cm / 250 cm / 260 cm / 270 cm


Commonly used for muscle release before or after exercise. Made with an aluminum core, wrapped and hand stitched with leather with wood caps and stainless steel face.

Dimensions: Length; 54 cm | Diameter: 13 cm


A dumbbell made with stainless steel face, wood handles and a body wrapped in genuine leather.

Weight Ranges: 2 kg - 30 kg / 5 - 65 lbs


Made from genuine leather, double stitched for durability and stuffed by hand with organic kapok. Personalization with embossing is available.

Weight Ranges: 2 - 8 kg / 4 - 18 lbs


Handcrafted pill shaped wooden handle with a leather wrapped body and stainless steel face.

Weight Ranges: 6 kg - 32 kg / 14 - 70 lbs