Finding The Heartbeat of Bangkok at Bangkokian: Bring Bangkok Home

Street and wires…dazzling light shines…..and countless smiles….
are what make us BANGKOKIANS.

 Indeed a restless concrete jungle yet, there is something about Bangkok that people cannot resist loving it. 

Another Story is excited to announce that the classic theme of ours is back! ‘Bangkokian: Bring Bangkok Home’.

 Inspired by lively markets and vibrant lights of Bangkok, Another Story captivates Bangkokian’s lives into everyday essentials designed whole-heartedly by Another Story Team, Local Artisans, and International brands for everyone to carry Bangkok with them in vibrant, fun, yet minimal style. So, you can bring Bangkok home whenever, wherever with yourselves and to your loved ones.

 By aligning Traditions with creativities, this one-of-a-kind souvenir shop inspired timeless Bangkokian goodies are ready to be yours. Be sure to grab the heartbeats of Bangkok at Another Story, Emquartier the Helix 4th floor.

 Are you ready to be a Bangkokian?

 Come visit Another Story and explore your Bangkok’s heartbeat out in this Bangkok-centered creative lifestyle concept store where Local and International goods meet styles.