Play it like a Parisian, adopt Bensimon!

Bensimon, The original tennis shoes since 1975

It's not a secret, Bensimon is one of ANOTHER_STORY all time favorite brands! In store since the opening, the French label sneakers are a must and we wouldn't do a season without them. Lightweight, stylish, easy to mix and match and SO French, the colorful tennis shoes from Bensimon are both practical and affordable. Discover now the story behind the brand and some styling inspirations straight from the streets of the world.

The Bensimon brothers

Bensimon is first and foremost a family affair, it’s the story of the Bensimon brothers. It was back in the early Eighties that Serge and Yves first came up with the idea of creating what was a unique concept - to bring the iconic tennis shoe that inspired by the world travel and military under the brand "Bensimon." Since that day and spurred on by the desire to bring a vibrant and positive concept to life, not only the shoes, but also the ready-to-wear collections and rare and beautiful objects from all over the world, they have worked tirelessly to expand this multi-faceted brand and continue to promote this unique lifestyle concept.

Vision & Inspiration

Bensimon is based on a unique lifestyle vision that combines the very best in fashion, home interiors and design. A love of travel has provided a constant source of inspiration for the brand and lies at the very heart of all the collections designed and developed by Serge Bensimon and his team. Each and every pair of tennis shoes and every garment from the ready-to-wear collection bear the hallmark of this timeless, emotional connection. The design objects chosen to adorn the shelves of the brand’s concept stores share the same ethos. This is the formula for success of the bold and vibrant world created by Bensimon.

Materials and Care instructions

With the simple yet classic design ideas, the sneakers from Bensimon are made out of basic cotton fabrics and rubber, is 100% natural. It is easy to care for, as you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer to refresh their life and wear it again.

'Bensimon' people


Sienna Miller is definitely a big fan of Bensimon. What a cool and casual chic ambassador for the brand!  

Catherine V.

Catherine is the owner of blog "FASHIONARDENTER". We love her boho chic looks, matching her white classic tennis shoes with summer essential items like straw hat and bag, polka-dot and stripe prints, summer color palette, she's so ready to enjoy the sun and quality time!


Anna Kloots taking you on a secret cool tour through New York city, wearing her bright red Bensimon tennis shoes, enjoying a famous Prince street pizza for lunch, stopping by Ample hills and grabbing an ice-cream for snack, before strolling through High line and Whitney museum for a delightful panorama view of New York.


Labibledumauvaisgout blog's owner is definitively playing it like a French it-boy, matching his slim fit jeans to its classy white tennis shoes with a casual shirt and some denim, for that "je ne sais quoi" touch that we love!