Organic Spirulina & Honey

270 ฿

Ugly Good Soap is naturally wholesome handcrafted soap made from plants-derived oils & non–harsh chemical ingredients. Created from different types of vegan oil that delivers different cleansing and hydration properties

- The reaction originated via saponification process created natural Glycerin
- No SLS
- No Paraben
- No synthetic Glycerin.
- Colorants are from minerals or herbal ingredients

Organic Spirulina & Honey : Made from organic Spirulina Powder (Sprayed dry), Mixture of 5 types of plant-derived oils topped with Himalayan Pink Salt
Good for Normal to Acne Prone skin
o Contains Natural Glycerin for skin hydration.
o Spirulina Powder contatins 80+ Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients.
o Helps reduce swelling, acne and prevention of further breakouts.
o Increases skin’s metabolism that enables faster healing.
o Deep Nourishment from Honey
Scented with peppermint essential oil for relaxation with minty note.

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