Naughty Puzzle Book

950 ฿

This kinky collection of puzzles and titillating trivia is guaranteed to spice up your life

If you fancy a crude crossword that you wouldn’t find in your daily newspaper, then look no further than this no-holds-barred activity book. Whether you’re completing a risqu? dot-to-dot or are lost in a dirty wordsearch, Naughty Puzzle Book is guaranteed to hit the spot.

With provocative puzzles and tantalizing trivia, this book won’t just make you a professional puzzler, you’ll also be a certified sexpert!

Inside you will find all kinds of naughtiness, including these stimulating activities:
– Match the icons in a playful pairs game
– Solve the raunchiest of riddles
– Shuffle the letters of a seriously smutty anagram
– Spot the difference between two super-sensual scenarios

If you like the idea of a book that puts the tease in brain-teaser, then this collection of filthy activities will leave you both shocked and amazed. Be warned though, this book is definitely not safe for work!

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