Polka Dot Air Mask (No Valve)

390 ฿

STYLESEAL Masks are composed of 3 layers:
- A smooth outer layer that acts as a pre-filter for large particles
- An airtight middle layer that forces air through the filters inside
- A soft non-woven inner layer where the filters are installed

SUPERIOR PROTECTION : From air pollution, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses tested by Nelson Labs, USA to filter up to 99% PM2.5

REPLACEABLE FILTERS : The masks are reusable and washable with replaceable filters, making them both economical and Eco-friendly

PERFECT FIT : Comes in multiple sizes, with adjustable ear straps and sturdy nose piece, creating an optimal seal around the face for high protection

HIGH COMFORT : Lightweight, soft

** Includes 2 pairs of filters (80S and 80+)
** Includes 1 neck strap lanyard

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