Filters Packs

190 ฿

One pack contains 5 pairs of filters.
One pair lasts 2 weeks on average.
We recommend carbon filters in areas with heavy traffic.
Filters are easily installed by attaching the loop side of the filter to the hook side in the air mask.

All StyleSEAL filters are independently tested at Nelson Labs, Salt Lake City, UT, USA in compliance with US-FDA regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 280 at a particle size of 0.3 microns.

StyleSEAL offers filter levels that match your level of pollution. The filters have a ring colored to match the Air Quality Index (AQI). The higher filter levels are thicker and more efficient, but also harder to breathe through.

PM2.5 filters:
80S-YELLOW (moderate pollution)*
90-ORANGE (high pollution)
95S-RED (severe pollution)*
99S-PURPLE (hazardous pollution)*

PM2.5 + CARBON filters:


*80S, 95S and 99S include a nano-silver coating that helps eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Active Carbon Filters

: This method of filtering uses activated carbon to remove pollutants from the air. Carbon has a very large surface area, allowing it to absorb a high amount of pollutants.
The 80+, 90+, 95+ and 99+ filters contain active carbon. The major gas pollutants includes:

Sulfur dioxide (SO2),
Carbon monoxide (CO),
Nitrogen oxides (NOx),
Ozone (O3)
VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds

The primary source of gases is the burning of fossil fuels in power plants, industrial processes, and motor vehicles. These pollutants, in their gas form, cause harm to our health and the environment. If you are near car exhaust or work with chemicals (e.g. nail/hairstylist) you should use carbon filters.

Nano-Silver Filters Can Kill Germs

Nano-silver can transform protein expression and generate reactive oxygen species (ROS). This damages the DNA of germs and kills them. Nano-silver can kill a wide range of germs. The 80S, 95S and 99S filters all include a medical grade nano-silver coating that helps eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses.

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