Arae Tea pot 0.6L - Scarlet Red

2,700 ฿

Roji means äóìdewy groundäó� , it is the Japanese term used for the garden through which one passes to prepare for the tea ceremony; to generally cultivate an air of simplicity. This understanding translates into the artistry with which Roji cast-iron teapots are created. Emphasising functional beauty and tradition, every teapot is hand-cast and hand finished by skilled artisans from the northern Japanese cities of Morioka and Oshu. Featuring a stainless steel infuser basket, enamel coating inside to prevent rust, and an elegant spout that pours perfectly.

Materials : Cast Iron
Care : We recommend not to boil the water in the teapot. After use please dry the teapot inside and out with a cloth after use.

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