Seamless Link Necklace

12,000 ฿

Seamless Link Necklace. The weight of living in an urban society.
Made of heavy materials, plated in gold, the necklace is ultimately pressuring your neck like the weight of
living in a fast paced urban society.
Material: 18k gold plated brass
Color: White
Necklace length: 18äó�
Handcrafted in Bangkok.
Made of heavy 18 karat Siam gold plating over high quality sterling silver or brass, PATTARAPHAN jewelry is luxurious, durable, and a perfect statement for your life.

When you purchase from PATTARAPHAN, you will receive a special handcrafted products while supporting slow fashion, local businesses, and sustainable consumption. Please read the brand care guide for how to best care for your jewelry.

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