Chunky Pressurized Earrings - Silver

6,500 ฿

"our newest soda tab earrings are the perfect statement pair to own."

to maintain your Pattaraphan pieces:
any gold vermeil or plated jewelry pieces may need to be plated again after some wear.

metal is hard and durable, but it is not resistant to pressure, chemicals or contact. treat your jewelry kindly. this also means remove your jewelry before exercising, sleeping, applying makeup and body lotion etc. note that these activities will have an impact on your jewelry especially oxidization.

gently wipe away any dust or dirt after each wear before storing the jewelry back in its box or pouch.

for gold vermeil pieces, use only gold polishing cloths to clean your jewelry.

pearls can be damaged by chemicals and pressure. your pearls should be put on after your hair and make up are completely finished. store your pearl pieces in breathable materials like silk.

our non-plated sterling silver pieces will oxidize over time. use a sterling silver cloth, which can be purchased from any reputable jewelry supplies stores, daily to keep your jewelry clean.

please do not order our pieces in metals or materials to which you are allergic.

we always clean our earrings before packing. however, you should clean your earring posts and backs prior to your first wear. we recommend using a jewelry cleaning spray on a polishing cloth or rubbing alcohol (the same one you use to clean your wounds) on a cotton pad to clean.

earring backs tend to loosen from wear. touch your earrings from time to time and throughout the day to make sure that they are nice and tight.
please do not order our pieces in metals or materials to which you are allergic.

- made from rhodium plated sterling silver
- color : silver

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