Tombola Vase H17 cm Rose

780 ฿ 3,900 ฿

Tombola is a game of chance. A pool of tickets is mixed together, after which an arbitrary set of tickets is pulled out at random. The Tombola vase came to life in much the same way. Building blocks based on eight abstract shapes were combined in a random order to produce the glass vase's unique surface structure.

"A strong source of inspiration were modular building blocks such as LEGO bricks, but also literature of the French OULIPO group, where mathematics meet words to generate art. My greatest inspiration came from observing craftsmen such as glassblowers and ceramicists who channel the unique nature of handicrafts into serial production". - Designer Mendel Heit.

The reliefs in the colored glass play with light and shadow, giving Tombola an artistic character.

Made of mouth-blown glass with a painted surface.

Not suitable for dishwasher.
Clean with damp cloth.

Materials: Mouth-blown glass

Size & Weight:
H: 17 x ¯: 17.5 cm
1 kg

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