Yoga Teacher in a Box

990 ฿

This practical set of yoga positions, movements, breathing exercises and meditations lets you create a routine that's perfect for you. The 60 illustrated cards and accompanying booklet give clear instructions so that you can practice alone, and with confidence.

The cards are divided up into five useful sections, helping you navigate quickly to the ones you need: Inversions and balancing; Back arches and twists; Standing poses; Supine and seated, and Breath and meditations.

The different postures and exercises (asana) include variations and modifications to suit all abilities, body types and ages. Each card includes a graphic icon to highlight the main qualities of the pose or exercise being shown: calm, energy, focus, mobility and strength – so you can zone in fast on the ones that suit your needs on any given day. Also included is a section of breathing and mindfulness exercises (pranayama) giving advice and bite-size information on the science of breath for stress release, sleep and wellbeing.

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