LEGO How We Create

890 ฿

Build a more creative life-with the help of the team behind the world's most iconic toy, the LEGOTM brick. Draw an inspiration card or building prompt to find new motivation, overcome challenges, and flex your creative muscles. The thinkers, builders, designers, and kids-at-heart who work at the LEGO Group invite you behind the scenes to see how they create, every day. This 78-card deck features insights and advice from individuals across all job descriptions at the LEGO Group. Find inspiration and overcome creative blocks by applying the LEGOTM values of discovery, imagination, and innovation. Packaged in a keepsake box with a sliding tray, each card offers a moment of personal reflection, a spark of motivation, or an open-ended invitation to harness the power of play. Mixed throughout are more than 20 unique building prompt cards that encourage you to put these valuable lessons and creative strategies into action using your own LEGO bricks.

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