Belt Cable

890 ฿

The 4-foot charging cable with genuine leather strap

Charge smart and neat. Belt Cable comes wrapped up and secured with an integrated leather belt to make tangled cables a thing of the past. With a reinforced construction, it's stronger and more durable than ever.

Having a cable with us wherever we go is no longer an afterthought í� ití´s a necessity. After experiencing too many broken, tangled cables, Native Union decided enough was enough. Something we all need to use on a daily basis deserves to look, feel, and work better. They crafted Belt Cable as a solution that they know will last a lifetime, and will make staying organized easier in your day-to-day.

Cable length: 4 feet / 1.2 meters
Connection Types: USB-A to Apple Lightning
Product Material: Nylon, TPE, Leather

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